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About Rebecca-Ruth Candy

The story of Rebecca-Ruth Candy begins in 1919 with two substitute schoolteachers, Ruth Hanly (Booe) and Rebecca Gooch. After much praise from family and friends for chocolates they had given during Christmas, they decided they were better candy makers than substitute teachers. At a time when few women went into business, Rebecca-Ruth Candies were an […]

Baked Chicken Breast with Spinach

4 packages chopped frozen Spinach3 whole Chicken Breasts, halvedFlourMelted ButterSalt, Pepper, and granulated Garlic2 cartons Whipping CreamParmesan cheesePaprika Thaw and drain spinach. Pat spinach into buttered 9×13" casserole dish. Dip chicken breast into flour then butter. Place on top of spinach. Season well with salt, pepper, and garlic. Pour whipping cream over top; sprinkle generously […]

Mint Julep Recipe

Recipe courtesy of Bill Samuels at Maker's Mark. 1 Bottle of Premium Bourbon WhiskeyFresh mintWater, preferably distilled or springGranulated sugarGarnish with mint sprigs and powdered sugar To prepare the mint extract, take fresh mint and remove the leaves smaller than a dime. Wash, pat dry, and put 40 leaves in a mixing bowl and cover […]

Lima Bean Casserole

Courtesy Fred & Jenny Wiche ¼ cup chopped green onion2 tablespoons butter1 (2-ounce) jar chopped pimientos1 cup sour cream2 cans lima beans, drained, or 2 14- to 16-ounce packages frozen lima beans, cooked and drainedPaprika Saute the onion in melted butter until soft. Add pimientos, sour cream, and lima beans and simmer until heated through. […]

Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn Burgoo

Owensboro, Kentucky 4 pounds mutton3 pound chicken5 pounds potatoes, peeled and diced¾ pound cabbage, ground or chopped fine¾ pound onions, ground or chopped fine2 15oz. cans corn (we like shoepeg corn) or 2 cups fresh corn¾ cup ketchupjuice of 1 lemon (about 3 tablespoons)2½ tablespoons salt2 tablespoons black pepper½ cup Worcestershire sauce¾ cup distilled white […]

Mushroom Soup

This is a favorite of mine. When my friend Sue Ann Harmon and I are down or having a bad day, a pot of this soup and a loaf of fresh bread help us soar to new heights. 4 medium onions, minced2 cloves garlic, minced4 tablespoons (½ stick) butter or margarine2 pounds fresh mushrooms, chopped2 […]

Beer Cheese

10oz. grated Cracker Barrel sharp cheddar cheese10oz. grated Cracker Barrel mild cheddar cheese2 cloves garlic, minced3 green onions with tops, finely chopped¼ teaspoon cayenne½ teaspoon Tabasco¾ cup stale beer Soften cheese in microwave. Combine all the ingredients and mix until blended. Cover and store in a bowl in the refrigerator. The mixture will harden after […]

Chocolate Elegance

This is a wonderful version of a southern favorite. Add a fresh green salad and you have a great lunch! ⅓ cups semisweet chocolate chips½ pound (2 sticks) unsalted butter4 Tablespoons superfine sugar (in the sugar section of the grocery)5 large eggs, separated2 Tablespoons Tia Maria liqueurChocolate curls for garnish (see note) Combine chocolate pieces, […]