About Wadia Newman

Wadia Newman is a Kentucky native, who came to Louisville in 1993 after attending the University of Kentucky, Arizona State University, and living and successfully practicing architecture in Phoenix, Arizona, and San Diego, California. Inspired by Kentucky’s rich architectural heritage, she began to draw and document historic and significant buildings in the state. “With my architectural training and eye for detail, my drawings not only capture the exquisite craftsmanship of the era, but attempt to reflect the unique personality of each building and of all those who dedicated their lives to transcending our built environment into art.”

Wadia has been fortunate enough to travel and study architecture around the world. Exotic destinations such as Borneo, Thailand, Japan, as well as Europe, Scandinavia, and throughout the United States. She says, “This global awareness of cultures and their architecture has given me an understanding of my own surroundings here in Louisville. Through my art shows, I have met a great number of people who appreciate our built environment, but many still take for granted the rich legacy we have here. I like to fondly tell those the story of my past, living in Phoenix, Arizona, and San Diego, California, both cities which transplanted historical Victorian houses to their downtown areas, and created parks for the citizens to visit and “see the past”. Here in Louisville many of us live and drive past such museum pieces every day and I want to awaken this city to the beautiful architecture we have in our daily lives.”

With over 30 images of many notable buildings in Louisville, she plans to continue to document our treasures here and around the state. Wadia adds, “I hope to inspire others to look deeper into our state’s architectural legacy, and to grasp the spirit of our buildings as three dimensional art.”